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Bill 96 Impact Awareness Questionnaire

Bill 96 (An Act respecting French, the official and common language of Quebec) became law in Quebec on June 1, 2022. There are many ways in which this law may impact Quebecers from all backgrounds and all walks of life.

QCGN’s Access to Justice in English project would like to know if you have been impacted by Bill 96. If you believe you have, we invite you to complete this short questionnaire.

All people aged 18+ living in Quebec since June 1, 2022 and who believe they have been impacted by Bill 96 may participate.


Each English-speaker accessing services in English in Quebec has a unique experience. Together, these experiences help to paint a picture of access to justice in English in Quebec: where it is easier, where it is more challenging, and why. This section of QCGN Justice provides you with a space to share your experience with us. Below you will find a link to begin a short survey about your experience accessing various public services in English in Quebec. There may occasionally be more than one survey available for you to take. We invite you to take any available surveys that interest you.

Please note that in order to participate in any survey, you must be a current resident of Quebec, aged 18 or over, and (unless specified otherwise) speak predominantly English and/or a language other than French at home.

Your responses will be confidential and opinions reported only in aggregate. All surveys take a maximum of five minutes to complete. Your contribution will provide the Access to Justice in English project with valuable information and a deeper understanding of the issues that may arise when accessing service in English in Quebec. Thank you for your time!

Issues of Concern

The Access to Justice project collaborates with the community to identify issues of concern. These issues are then studied and the findings shared with the community to provide helpful information and resources. This survey aims to help identify issues of concern to the English-speaking community of Quebec.

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Senior Care

The focus of this survey is care services for seniors aged 65 and over, including services provided at home, and at CHSLDs and intermediary placement facilities (Ressources intermédiaires). Seniors and their family members are invited to share their experiences of accessing these services in English.

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Online Provincial Services and Support

The focus of this survey is access to information, services and support provided by the province of Quebec. This survey is open to residents of Quebec who are more comfortable requesting and receiving services in English. This is likely to include residents who mainly speak English and/or a language other than French at home.

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